advent |ˈadˌvent|

Formed from a Latin word meaning coming or arrival, Advent is the traditional celebration of the first advent of

Jesus and the eager awaiting of His second advent in glory. 

The season is a time for remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting. In American Christianity, we’ve got that first part down. As soon as Thanksgiving is over (and sometimes even before), we start putting up the tree and listening to our favorite Christmas songs. There’s nothing wrong with doing these things, of course, but the whole point of Advent is not so much celebrating Christmas as it is preparing for Christmas.

Christmas Services + Events

  • November 28 First Night of Advent
  • December 8 Communion & Prayer Service | 6:30 | Saltillo Campus
  • December 15 Student Christmas Party | 6:30 | Tupelo Campus
  • December 19 Northstar Christmas Services | 9:00am & 10:50am | Saltillo + Tupelo
  • December 26 One Family Service at each campus | 10:00am

Saltillo Campus | 112 Bauhaus Dr

Tupelo Campus | 3528 McCullough Blvd.

History + Traditions

The Advent season begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continues up to Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve in some contexts. [November 29 - December 25]

Many people use or create an Advent calendar, typically made up of 24 windows containing Scriptures, stories, poems, or gifts, to count down the days until Christmas. As each window is opened and the final day draws closer, our expectation increases. This reminds us of the hopeful yet eager waiting God’s people experienced years ago as they longed for the promised Savior to come.


Another popular tradition is marking the progression of the season through an Advent wreath made up of five candles. This symbol is borrowed from the emphasis throughout Scripture of Jesus Christ being the Light of the World (Matt. 4:16; John 1:4–9; 8:12). Each week, a new candle is lit in anticipation of Christmas Eve. The last candle, called the Christ Candle, is lit on Christmas Eve to represent Jesus’ first advent. Through this theme of ever-increasing light penetrating the darkness, we see a picture of the gospel.



However you prepare for Christmas, Advent is a significant time in the life of the Church. It’s an opportunity for believers to remember God’s promise to send the One who would overcome sin and death forever. God promised a Savior, and He kept that promise perfectly.