March 27 - April 16

Fasting is a discipline of abstaining from something good, like food, that helps us focus our lives and our satisfaction in Jesus. 

Prayer Guide

Hungering for God's Leading in Antioch

Acts 13:1-4

The situation is that Saul (Paul) and Barnabas and some of the other leaders in the church in Antioch were worshiping—ministering to the Lord—and fasting (v. 2). Judging by what happened we may assume, I think, that the burden that drove them to fast was this: "Where do we go from here as a church?" They were fasting to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in the direction of their mission.  They were hungry enough for God's leading that they wanted to say it with the hunger of their bodies and not just the hunger of their hearts. "We want your leading, O God! O Holy Spirit, what is your will for the mission of this church?"