Foster Care

God is the defender of the fatherless, and He has called us to serve those in need. The need for foster and adoptive families in North America has never been greater. Mississippi currently has almost 6,000 children in foster care.  Illegal drug and alcohol usage, disease and poverty leave many in dangerous situations, but you can help change that! We believe the gospel is the solution. 

The focus of this ministry is to bring awareness to this crisis within our community and provide support to foster care/adoptive families through the love of Christ.


Christ rescued and redeemed us from our brokenness and adopted us into His eternal family (Galations 4:5-7); we want to show the love of Jesus to the children of broken earthly families and support foster care/adoptive families along their journey. 


Children enter the foster care system for many reasons—parental drug use, neglect, abuse. Whatever the reason, these children have experienced great loss and trauma, and they need safe, peaceful environments to heal while their biological families seek the help they need to parent well. Other children across the continent and around the world are in need of permanent families through adoption. There are currently more children who need help than there are families willing to help. When families decide to foster or adopt, the journey ahead is a difficult one. Here are 20 ways all of us can pray for these families.

The Children
• Safe and loving homes in which to heal and grow
• The ability to trust and form attachments to new caregivers
• Consistent progress in the journey to permanency through adoption or return to a healthy birth family
• Strong support system for those who have aged out of foster care

Biological Families

• Support and encouragement as they work to reunify with their children or move forward without them

• Hope in Christ and redemption for their broken families
• Broken strongholds and patterns of addiction and abuse
• Healing from the trauma the family has faced

Adoptive and Foster Families

• That God will provide for all their emotional, financial and spiritual needs
• Family and friends who come around them with practical help and support

• Wisdom, strength, empathy and care in parenting children from hard places

• For children already in the home to understand and adapt to the changes

Foster and Adoption Agencies

• Wisdom and endurance for case workers
• Favor with government agencies and authorities
• Sufficient staff and volunteers to minister to the overwhelming number of children who need their help

• Counselors and therapists to find rest and hope in the Word of God

The Church

• Congregations would welcome adoptive and foster families without judgement
• Members to surround foster and adoptive families with love and practical support
• Education of the congregation and development of advocates who speak for those who are vulnerable

• Open hearts and homes willing to step up and help vulnerable children in a variety of ways

“Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy” (Proverbs 31:8-9, HCSB).


Our first two projects we want to focus on will be collecting duffle bags and teddy bears to distribute to the social workers so they can provide these to the children taken from their homes as well as creating a Kid's Closet at Northstar for foster families to access when a child is placed in their home. 

Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, church members and spread the word! We need duffle bags, teddy bears, kid's clothes, kid's shoes, kid's toys. Drop off times: 2nd Wednesday each month from 5:30-6:30 at our Tupelo Campus.

Thank you again for your love for these kids and believing that we can all make a difference together!