In NSKids we are leading kids to know, love, and follow Jesus on their level and helping kids love church.  We aim to provide a safe environment for children to receive well-rounded discipleship from birth - 6th grade, while walking alongside parents as they grow and live into being their child's spiritual leader.


We are thrilled to partner with you in leading your child's walk with Christ.  We love children and aim to serve your family with excellence.  Every NSKids Volunteer and Staff member has been screened and trained, so you can have confidence in trusting them while your child is in our care.

Along your journey with us, we will provide you with resources and opportunities to encourage and empower you to boldly lead your children.  

You can find resources and opportunities here.

Your First Visit

When you arrive at NSC, you will either see the NSKids area or signs pointing you in that direction! A friendly person will get some information and walk you to your child's class. We begin check-in 15 minutes before a service, so come early to have plenty of time for your child to get settled and for you not to miss a moment of adult worship!

Northstar Neighborhood

Birth - Preschool Environment

We seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment for babies to experience the love of God and feel a sense of belonging in our church family. We introduce preschoolers to the basic concepts of God, Jesus, the Bible, church, and others while building strong biblical foundations for spiritual transformation through fun and age appropriate activities, games, crafts, songs, and hands-on Bible lessons.


Elementary Environment

For children in Kindergarten through 4th Grade, we continue to build strong biblical foundations through small groups, large groups, and the Missions Market. Small groups are divided by grade level to help kids establish relationships with their peers and make deeper connections with scripture through conversation, application, games, and activities.  Large groups provide kids with an energizing time of worship, story telling, and Bible teaching.  The Missions Market gives kids the opportunity to be involved in local, national, and global missions while they develop spiritual disciplines.


Preteen Environment

5th and 6th grade is an exciting time of transition as a child begins to seek spiritual answers.  Through small groups and a large group gathering time, we hope to help kids find their answers in Jesus Christ.  Small groups in Fusion focus on growing relationships and applying Scripture to their daily lives.  Large group in Fusion consists of interactive worship, Bible teaching, and games. Fusion is offered during the 10:50 service only.

Special Needs

We believe that God desires the praise of all of His children.  Our trained volunteers are prepared to offer a self-contained classroom or be a buddy for children who learn better under those circumstances. We welcome all children and desire to create the best environment possible to help them learn about Jesus.

Our self-contained classroom is available at the 10:50 service at the Saltillo Campus.

Volunteer Resources

If we hope to impact the next generation, we need to nurture our relationship with Jesus and seek resources to grow as leaders.  Here you can find recommended books, podcasts, websites and more that will help you grow as you lead children to know, love, and follow Jesus on their level.

Volunteers may access resources here!