Church feels like family

when you connect

God has created us for community—both with Himself and with each other.  Life Groups exist to foster these connections, but our desire is not to provide just any type of community, but the

Life-Changing community we see clearly in the Bible.  

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We’re here to glorify God by making disciples of all nations

[Matthew 28:19-20].

Every weekend we’re opening the Bible together and learning from it in ways that speak right into our lives. In our services, our ministries - in everything we do at Northstar - our passion and focus are to bring God glory.

Helping people connect to a

G R O W I N G relationship with Christ and others.


At Northstar, we want to see everyone become fully devoted followers of Jesus. 

Therefore, we offer four Growth Tracks every month to lay a foundation for discipleship. 

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Committing yourself to a body of believers is a serious commitment but it’s also a wonderful relationship. When Members join, they commit to a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a biblical degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice to their brothers and sisters. Our leadership and staff also commit to care, counsel, prayer and teaching.